1GPS fleet tracking refers to the use of internet based Global Positioning System to track and monitor a fleet of vehicles. Installation is done on each vehicle in the fleet. Depending on the type of tracking system, information from each vehicle is sent to a remote user who can is able to obtain real-time data on each vehicle in the fleet such as; location, vehicle speed, mileage, fuel consumption,fleet route e.t.c. and obtain several reports on the same. Being able to see all your vehicles at a glance, get instant alerts at anytime of the day or night and manage them at the comfort of your office is definitely an efficient way of managing your fleet. The benefits associated with tracking your fleet outweigh the costs involved.

Fleet Tracking System Increases Operational Efficiency

A properly implemented fleet tracking system increases operational efficiency since one is able to check and ensure that vehicles are working optimally as well as compare operational efficiency of one vehicle to another and at the same time ensure costs are put under control. It also helps one to better analyse and understand their business . With the right information, one can easily identify opportunities to minimize costs thus saving money. With the tracker, one is able to know at a glance where each of the vehicle in the fleet is thus saving time and money. Through tracking, one can easily know which employee is closest to a new assignment easily ,message them or assign them the job and get work done effectively and on time thus improving your customer satisfaction and having competitive advantage. One is able to improve fleet routing thus expedite deliveries.

Tracking helps monitor the drivers behavior

Tracking helps monitor the drivers behavior, for example, when a driver is speeding or has gone off route ( this can provide good data to be used during employee appraisal, promotion, reward and discipline at the work place) , reduce fuel consumption, monitor working time compliance, and reduce theft.

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